to manifest a true mind!

Ken Shin Kai teaches the art of Japanese swordsmanship through the combined disciplines of Kendo and Iaido.

The meaning of Ken Shin is to manifest a true mind and it is with this attitude that training in the sword is conducted.

Kendo and its related discipline Iaido, are the modern equivalent of ancient Samurai training techniques. Through practice with the Japanese sword, it is possible to develop harmony with ones environment and spontaneity of action.

Beginner Courses.

Ken Shin Kai runs 10 week introduction to kendo courses covering basic concepts. After completion, a short course in bogu wearing will be conducted which will lead into inclusion in the intermediate group. Beginners also have the opportunity of starting while beginner courses are not running and such instruction will follow the same 10 week program.

Children’s Classes

Special children’s classes are held on Saturday morning from 8:30 until 10. These are suitable for ages 9-16. All instructors have Working With Children accreditation (Bluecard). Children are also encouraged to attend other classes on Monday and Thursday.

Study of the Japanese sword allows us to experience our essential human nature by cutting through the ego and removing the concerns of everyday life. By allowing full release of stress and tension, these activities develop clarity of mind and increased vitality. The skills developed may be applied to all aspects of ones life, including business and interpersonal relationships and will compliment any existing training. Kendo and Iaido work on complimentary aspects of the same principle.

They develop:

  • READINESS – learn how to act and react at the appropriate time.
  • SPONTANEITY – through good preparation act with 100% of your ability.
  • OPPORTUNITY – learn how to maximise opportunities by helping to recognise Suki (opportunity) and develop the ability to immediately react.
  • SELF AWARENESS – develop increased awareness of self and personal power.

Kendo looks at these areas from an external point of view, developing awareness of distance and timing. Bamboo swords combined with body armour are used for safety, enabling full contact to be made. Kendo is also a competitive sport allowing for participation at club, state, national and international levels.

Iaido internalises this training so that awareness of ones inner spirit may be developed. In Iaido a true sword (shin ken) is used against an imaginary opponent. Concentration must be maintained at all times to avoid injury. Iaido is often referred to as moving Zen.