Kendo and Iaido are practiced at the Ken Shin Kai Honbu Dojo.

Beginners are welcome any time. No separate beginners classes are conducted. We take the view that beginners can start whenever is convenient. Beginners receive personal tuition and are taught in conjunction with the main class, i.e. the beginners instruction is conducted at one end of the Dojo during a normal class. In this way, beginners feel they are part of the normal class and are then encouraged to participate with regular training as soon as their individual skill develops sufficiently.

The first lesson is free of charge. Beginners are invited to watch as many sessions as they wish prior to commencement of their training. Class and equipment costs may be discussed with the Instructors either at the Dojo, by phone or e-mail.

Ken Shin Kai can be found at …

Mt Gravatt High School
The Hall
Creighton Street
Mt Gravatt



John Isaacs
Renshi 7 dan

Greg Nicholas
Renshi 6 dan

Noriyuki Tamura
Renshi 6 dan


John Isaacs
5 dan

Dr Kevin Humphrey
4 dan