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Nitto is the study of two swords as made popular by the famous Miyamoto Musashi. It involves use of a short and a long sword with the shoto (short sword) usually held in the left hand.

Following are a series of short video files in AVI format and discovered on-line by Peter Strauss. Please check out Mr Ishii's original website for further details regarding this interesting art.

Mr. Ishii's Nitto website >> click here
Babelfish (a useful but not particularly accurate) translator >> click here


Waza Name File size (kb)
kamae kata - 1 711
kamae kata - 2 712
kirikaeshi 2453
kote men 849
kote harai men 744
kote nuki men 820
kote men sabaite hikimen 799
hiki kote 743
hiki men 830
hiki dou 799
hensoku kote 810
joudan kote kote 723
kaeshidou sei 826
kaeshidou gyaku 723
gyakudou kaeshite men 689
menmisete kote 841
menmisete dou 696
mentaiatari hikidou 823
osaete men 871
ura osaeta men 866
suriage kote 669
tohma men 853
tuki ni men 825




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