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2014 December Seminar

Dates: 6th and 7th December 2014

Location: The venue is the Collingwood Park Sports Complex at Chalk Street, Redbank Plains.

Smith street, Redbank QLD 4301

(07) 3437 8588

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Costs will be   $30 for the weekend or $20 for one day. The complex has a snack bar facility where lunch and drinks can be purchased. We will start at 9 am each day so please arrive about 8:30 am to ensure you are ready.

Saturday all day and Sunday morning will be the seminar and grading to follow.

Grading opportunity for Kendoka to Sandan and Iaidoka to Nidan. All grading applications are to be received by NO Later than the 21/11/2014.

NO LATE Applications will be accepted.

Please include your payment reference number when sending your grading application.
Payment for gradings to be made to:


Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated,
BSB 034-055, ACN 20-9720
Westpac Bank

If you are intending to present yourself for a Dan level grading, you will need to complete your written paper prior to the grading exam. The paper should be approximately 1/2 and A4 page long, and address ONLY ONE, of the questions appropriate for your examination. The questions are listed below.

Shodan Questions:

What do you want to learn from training in Kendo.

Explain Maai.

Nidan Questions:

Explain why etiquette is important to Kendo.

Explain the opportunity for Datotsu.

Sandan Questions:

Explain why it is important to do Kendo Kata.

Explain why it is necessary to do Kiri-kaeshi.

 Iaido Shodan Written exam:

State the purpose of learning iaido

Describe the relationship of iaido to kendo

State the details about posture and movement of the feet in iaido techniques

Iaido Nidan Written exam:

Explain the matter of respiratory control (kokyu)

Explain hand-guard (tsuba) control and making the draw (koiguchi no kirigata) 

List key procedures and warning advice necessary to the safe practise of iaido 



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